Food and Wine Festival-4th Annual Edition

November 18, 2019 - Author: Makgohlo Makadikwa 20:30 AM Entertainment

Botlokwa Food and Wine Festival this year they are taking everything up a notch. The event will be held at Lemba Lodge Botlokwa on the 15th of December 2019 from 16:00. We took time to talk to Mpadi Eugene Tele Telentainment Management Agency and the brains behind this prestigious event to tell us more about the event.

As usual they are going to start the festivities with the Red Carpet, but this year they've added a bit of excitement to maximize on the experience of all attendees. They're to invite various media houses to cover the Red Carpet and the entire event of cause Botlokwa Online will be waiting for its invitation as the process there'll be nominations of a few categories listed on their poster. “This is another way of showcasing just how much Batlokwa understand style. The Red Carpet will be from 16:30 through to 18:00”, said Mpadi as he told us about the event.

“Over time our supporters have had a problem understanding exactly what their tickets covers, thus creating lots of confusion on the day of the event. Well on this edition we've made it a point that our people understand exactly what it they're paying for”, explained Mpadi... they also introduced three new categories of tickets namely, Couples, a Table of 4 Friends and that of VVIP 10 friends... “with that being said it is important to highlight that everyone is a VIP at Botlokwa Food & Wine Festival, the only difference is in the amount of meals people may prefer.” In light of the 4IR, they’ve also made the tickets available online: Quicket via this link-:

We were also invited to the last two events of Botlokwa Food and Wine Festival, one which was held at The Dave Restaurant and the last one at All Knights Lodge, we agree with Mpadi when he says “In our view the Botlokwa Food & Wine Festival is by far thee most prestigious event on the calendar of events of Botlokwa.” The idea behind is to offer the working class an opportunity to socialise in an interactive manner, potentially create a platform for entrepreneurs to forge business deals over a 3-course meal paired specifically with an appropriate type of wine.

There will also be a live band as to create a positive ambience and a classy experience. This year they'll also be officially launching the *ReadiBereka Wines* a new edition for the *ReadiBereka Lifestyle Brand popularly known just as ReadiBereka (RB Dilotse)* produced by *Telentainment Management Agency* owned by *Mpadi E. Tele* whom is actually the vision bearer of the BFWF franchise. “We guarantee all attendees an experience of their lifetime”, says Mpadi. Tickets will also be made available opposite Botlokwa Complex; *SEKWA JJJ* a Red Container by the USAVE turn.

“One of the main objectives of the #BFWF franchise is to create a platform for local chefs to showcase their culinary skills, on this edition we've featured *'Sammy Cherub Chef* whom is no stranger to our supporters, he’s been with us since the 2nd edition of *Botlokwa Food & Wine Festival* franchise. He's part of the family now; this year he'll be the main and only chef. As the Head Chef, he’ll be assisted by three other upcoming cooks who have shown a keen interest in the hospitality sector. As we've mentioned earlier about creation of platforms, these assistant cooks are young people whom some just left high school, others are still at culinary schools. We cannot wait to see what they come up with on the day”, explained Mpadi.

As Mpadi would say, Botlokwa indeed has class and talking to him made us realise how much talent we do have in our community. Please do read more about this young man on our next article where we profile our heroes, community builders, role models that hails from our community Botlokwa. As Botlokwa Online we can’t wait for this 4th annual edition of Botlokwa Food and Wine Festival, and we would like to encourage you to do buy your tickets as well so that you don’t miss out on this prestigious event. See clear event poster under "Diboya Kae Section".