ABSA Closed Its Doors at The Complex

October 28, 2019 6:00 AM News

We can all agree that having your bank just few kilometres away from you is one of the greatest feeling, especially in a rural area like Botlokwa where most of our people would rather walk-in a branch than use today`s technology for banking. Let`s agree to disagree not everyone feels comfortable with the use of technology for banking, especially our elders.

Also getting cash from ATMs was made easier by the opening of these banks at the Complex, that`s why most people are now shocked or rather disappointed by the closure of ABSA Bank at our complex. The real reason behind ABSA vacating the complex it is still not clear, even though there are rumours about the rent being too expensive.

The closure of ABSA would mean so many inconveniences for our people, with December approaching this will mean long queues and shortage of cash at the remaining ATM`s, as it is there are already long queues every month end and this was happening even when ABSA was still operating. Now with only fewer ATM`s the queues will be longer especially during festive and Easter holidays and even long weekends.

Social grants recipient which mostly are our elderly citizens will suffer the most because of the ABSA move every month end, the young generation may not feel the pain that much as they have the means to easily go to the nearest ATM or town for cash withdrawals or their banking needs.

We have spoken with few people about this issue, and many have voiced their disappointments about this, "makarapa a boya December o tlaba o direga eng", said one resident. With more ATM`s inside Boxer, the question is if they are enough to handle the community of Botlokwa, that remains to be seen.

Who can forget Standard Bank at Ga-Masubelele and the FNB ATM next to Ga-Motau, even though the reasons for them closing was due to vandalism/theft, that`s still an inconvenience to our people.

Going back to the issue of ABSA vacating the Complex, ABSA is not the first tenant to vacate the complex. We have seen in the past other shops leaving and now there are rumours of Mr Price complaining about rent as well. If rent is the main issue for shops like Mr Price or ABSA as one of the big banks in the country one must now wonder, maybe it is about time we have another mall.