Fullmoon Paradise Lodge

February 04, 2018 6:00 AM Articles

Rantsho Mohale (left) and Colleague.

Nestled in one of South Africa's breath-taking provinces, Full Moon Paradise Lodge is a new lodge that embodies all of the luxury, culture and indescribable sunsets that Limpopo has to offer, all in one place. Offering 18 affordable en-suite bedrooms on extensively gorgeous land, and commendable hospitality.

Botlokwa Online visited the lodge on the 27th of January and spoke with management of the lodge. We were warmly received and really made to feel at home. Breakfast was offered to us while we were busy chatting about the lodge and their plans. After the interview they took us for a tour showing us their luxury rooms, of course we didn't leave our photographer behind Molatelo Masipa from Malatis Photography who made time to come with us to the lodge.

Botlokwa Online Team and Fullmoon Paradise Lodge Management Team.

On our arrival to the lodge we were welcomed by Thapelo one of the lodge staff, we spent time talking with him in his office about the business in general and thanking Botlokwa Online for taking the time to come and visit them. The way he spoke about the lodge you can see the passion and the love he has for the place. We spent about an hour in his office before heading to the restaurant where we held our interview.

Going to the interview, we spoke to Rantsho Mohale who is originally from Lebowakgomo, he started working in the hospitality industry about eight years ago with Hotel at Tzaneen. We asked Rantsho why are they in business and also why the hospitality industry, in his response Rantsho with a big smile, mentioned that they are also working just like us, but the owners often mentioned that they travelled quite extensively and therefore over a period of time developed interest for this industry. Secondly it is an industry which is predominantly white, you rarely find black investors in this industry, it was an opportune time for them that if they have got some capital to spare, they should invest in this industry because they have passion for it, another reason they have managed to gather resources that they can use in this venture.

Botlokwa Online Team and Fullmoon Paradise Lodge Management Team.

Talking to Ranstho and the way he spoke softly to us clearly shows the love and passion he has for this kind of business, our first contact with him not knowing that we are from Botlokwa Online with a smile he asked us if we have been helped or if he can help us with anything. Obviously I laughed and introduced ourselves as a team from Botlokwa Online, he laughed as well and led us to an area where we are to have the interview. We asked about the services the clients can expect from the lodge, to answer our question Rantsho said in the immediate term the services that they offer, number one is accommodation, they have three types of rooms. They have a queen en-suite for R720, king en-suite for R900 rands, and twin en-suite for R1200, all their rooms have showers, DSTV, and air conditioners. They have also just opened a restaurant few weeks ago, they are still in the process of developing it, they also have conference center for corporate and private events such as baby showers and birthday celebrations.

In terms of funding when the business was started, if they received any funding from the government or private investors, Rantsho jokingly referred us to the owners as the best people to answer this question. Our next question was about their plans, if there are any plans of expanding and also how they market the business. "We have got few platforms to market the business, for example for now the primary platform that we use is online distribution channels, like booking.com, safarinow.com, etc. This are the online distribution channels that we use because most of the travelers that we are attracting at the moment are from the leisure market, those are the people that would normally go online and google a place to stay. That is why an online presence is important, over and above that we do engage in other communication channels such as flyers, business cards, posters and we also have our own website (www.fullmoonlodge.co.za) which forms part of our online strategy."

"The long term goal is quite clear, we are going to be a one stop shop for travelers or tourist, by one stop shop I mean we have accommodation and conference centers and we are looking into making chalets for family groups, entertainment areas for kids, and also more activities like spa and the gym. We need to make it a one stop so that when you are here there won't be any need for you to travel to get some activities anywhere else, also looking into an issue of getting animals sort of a game resort".

One of the rooms at Fullmoon Paradise Lodge.

As to why Soekmekaar was chosen as an ideal place for the lodge, Rantsho wouldn't give us a clear answer on that instead he said he feels that he wouldn't do justice to the question he thinks it would be proper for them (the owners) to give us their perspective of why they chose this area. One of the reasons it could be because they travel a lot and they are able to identify areas where there are opportunities. Full moon lodge is also involved in some community projects, one recent one that Thapelo (One of the management staff) organized together with the directors of the lodge was donating school shoes to the most disadvantaged learners to two schools named Moshatong Primary School and Moribeng High Scool. There was a donation of TLB services, to clear certain areas of the school and also a dumping area for the school.

After the interview we were given breakfast (ya maleba as Rantsho would jokingly say), we also bought ourselves few drinks of course before going on a tour of the Lodge. With me it was Paul Kganakga, Moloko Hlapa, Lebogang Mathekga, and Molatelo Masipa our photographer. We had a nice time viewing the lodge and sharing jokes, and with Lebogang taking pictures of herself in every room and throwing few punches at Moloko on any opportunity she gets about his sore neck. In overall it was fun and if I were to rate Fullmoon Paradise Lodge I will give it 10 out of 10. Click here to see the pictures of the lodge.