Meet Dr Baholo - Community Hero

April 06, 2018 6:00 AM News

Dr Baholo

Everyday heroes, community builders, social innovators. Across South Africa, individuals and organizations are building a country that's Alive with Possibility.

Community builders invest their time, money and skills in building a better South Africa - whether through opening an orphanage or cycling to Kilimanjaro for a charity. They are our social champions, leaders who rally around a worthy cause and inspire others to do the same.

We took the time and spoke with our own hero, Dr Baholo, born on the 25th of September 1985 at Botlokwa. It is very rare to find young people this days who gives back to the community they came from, at the age 33 Dr Baholo has already done a lot for his community and still continue to do so on a daily basis. We wanted to know about this wonderful young man that everyone is talking about recently, so we decided to ask him few questions about his life and the work he does for the community.

Dr Baholo was raised by a single parent (his mom) as his dad died when he was only 9 years, it was tough for him growing up as his mother was unemployed. He was angry at life in most cases until he realized that his dad didn't die with his brains and he has to be strong to survive. Regarding school, he was just an average student who was disciplined and hardworking, that is what made him pull through.

Started school at Kgwadu and from there went to Mokomene High School, after high school he then went to Medunsa where he studied MBCHB. "It was tough for a rural boy with no good English to interact with Model C colleaques, but I always said if you are thrown into the deep sea, you will sink or drown, but I had to swim at all costs and bring victory and Educational liberty to my family as I was the first one to advance to tertiary", said Dr Baholo when asked about his days at University.

His love for humanity made him choose the career he is in now, bringing hope to the people and being a servant of his people. "Seeing a poor black disadvantaged child rising from nowhere makes me want to develop a community and again the ultimate purpose of God to bless us is so that we can bless others. I developed to develop others", Dr Baholo would say.

Dr Baholo is involved in a number of community projects, he is involved with Kgwadu Primary School were they reward excellency by buying trophies to best performing leaners and they plan to spread it to other local schools. He runs a medical practice which closes at 22:00 with free transport and also volunteers in soccer tournament as a tournament doctor. He also does motivational talks for free and if a child is sick at Kgwadu primary school he goes and asses the child and advise the school there after. He also used to do radio interviews with major radio stations such as Thobela FM and Lesedi FM representing love life.

His ultimate goal is to build a 24 hours clinic and run a bursary scheme for local children. "My quote, refuse to be refused and deny to be denied. Pressing on when all good reasons are there to give up", said Dr Boholo on closing our interview.