No Mapalies Soccer Tournament this year...But 2020...

October 28, 2019 6:00 AM Articles

December is almost here, everyone is planning for the holidays, those that are working far from home have already planned their leaves and when they will be going home Botlokwa. As they say there is no place like home, we all want to be with our families and friends during the festive period. Especially if you are coming from Botlokwa you know you just have to be home.

For soccer lovers they are also looking forward to the festive period, as this is the time that they go and watch their soccer teams at various tournaments that do take place at home during this time. This has been a tradition for many years, and it is something that's not going to change anytime soon.

Many will remember Mapalies Tournament, for the past 5 years Mapalies has kept up entertained during December time with a lot of activities. Who can forget the PSL legends that were brought to Botlokwa by Mapalies tournament to play against our own legends? We have seen the likes of Doctor Khumalo, Edward Motale and other PSL legends displaying their skills right in front of us at Polatla Soccer ground.

Many will be disappointed to know that this year there will be no Mapalies Tournament, the contract was for 5 years and last year was the last year of the tournament. Botlokwa Online spoke with Edwin Pale the man behind Mapalies tournament and confirmed this to us. However, the good news is there are plans to have the tournament again starting next year, this will be confirmed early next year.

Of course, not all is lost, there are other tournaments that will be taking place at home such as Fakute Soccer Tournament at Fedile Secondary School ground. So, you can be sure that there will still be a lot of fun this coming December. Keep following Botlokwa Online as we will keep you updated on all the tournaments that will be taking place.