Fedile's New Library

April 05, 2018 6:00 AM News

Inside the library

Education is one of the most powerful tools our young people need to succeed in life. We need to have doctors, lawyers coming from our own community of Botlokwa. Therefore we need resources to help this young generation to acquire this powerful tool to help them achieve their goals. Growing up myself we didn't have the internet or libraries with WiFi to do researches, we relied mainly on textbooks, luckily now we have internet and libraries to help in researches or anything you need it is just in a touch of a button.

Botlokwa Online visited Fedile High School on the 28th of March to chat to them about the library which has been built for the community in the school. Upon our arrival we were welcomed by Mr Mailula the principal of the school, he led us to his office then went out to attend to few administrative issues. We stayed for few minutes in his office while waiting for him, this was the last day of the first quarter of the school calendar. There was a parents meeting that he had to attend to as well, but Mr Mailula still managed to give us few minutes of his time. On his arrival back in the office he found us already sitting comfortably, jokingly he said "this gentlemen have now taken over my office".

Without any waste of time we got straight to the point, there was no need for introduction as we are also the product of Fedile High School, Mr Mailula knew us very well, also this is not the first story we did with him, he knew about Botlokwa Online. My first question to him was to tell us about the library and if they had any sponsors, to answer my question Mr Mailula said that the library came from the Department of Sport, Art and Culture. They did an application as advised by one of the former students at the school who had knowledge of the library donations, then in 2016 the department came to install library however it was just recently opened.

As if he knew what my next question would be he went further to explain that the library is not only for Fedile learners, it is actually for the whole community. Anyone can actually come to the library during working hours and they will be let through. The library is also equipped with computers and a Wifi for internet access. Answering our question how do they encourage the learners to make use of the resources available at the library Mr Mailula said they have a Librarian who is available to help anyone during the library hours, learners are encouraged to speak to her if they need help. The librarian will also be running programs with learners like reading clubs.

Moloko Phooko Hall

We also asked Mr Mailula if they will be helping grade 12 leaners with online applications to tertiary institutions as most of this learners do not have resources to do this at their homes or mostly need help and most universities or higher education institutions turn away learners who try to do self-applications every beginning of the year. Mr Mailula said yes they will definitely be assisting learners with online applications since they now have computers with full internet access.

There was one thing that we couldn't help noticing, the admin block and the hall, I remember during our time at the school the Hall and the Admin block were not there, we just had to ask questions about it especially after seeing the name of the hall "Moloko Phoko Hall" visibly written in green in front and the names of other people that are engraved next to the door of the admin block. The hall was built with the help of donors (Moloko Phoko, Letjeka Pheeha, Elias Matimolane, Tau Hardware, Moila Funerals) with the help of the department of Correctional Services. "It is very nice to have our people giving back to community, some of this people donated over R150000.00 to have the hall buit", said Mr Mailula.

We didn't get a chance to ask as many question as we would have loved to due to meeting that was about to take place. After the interview we were led to the library for a tour, we took few pictures with our mobile phones as we didn't have our photographer. We were really blown away by what we saw, and really hope that our learners and everyone in the community would use the resources available there. We also took few pictures of ourselves as well, we do not want you our readers to think that we are making this up.

Left: Ntshita Selabe (Middle) and Fellow Learners

After the library tour we went to a group of learners standing few meters away from us, my colleague Paul Kganakga suggested that maybe we could talk to one or two of them to find out how they really feel and how the new library is making things easier for them in terms of school work. It wasn't easy getting that interview as most were shy especially after realizing that we will recording the interview, but finally Ntshita Selabe a grade 12 learner agreed to talk to us. She said the library is helping them a lot as they are able to do their assignments and do researches on their school work using library computers and books.

We concluded our visit to Fedile High School by taking few pictures of Moloko Phooko Hall, and we thanked Mr Mailula for his time.